Waiting for a Jailbreak

For a while, I’ve been without a jailbreak. My iPhone 5C tragically bricked itself and I was forced to restore it.

In the meantime I’ve gone from an iPhone 5C to an iPhone 6S+ and have been waiting for a new jailbreak to arrive. In preparation I’ve made a new Lockscreen widget based on JavaScript library I found, Baffle.js (Which is used on this page).

Here is a preview my progress.

LS Barebones Nano

About a year ago I saw a setup by deviant art user HalfLucan for a modded version of LS Barebones he called Barebones Compact. However, his knowledge of CSS was limited, so I helped him out by making it a full fledged mod.

LS Barebones Nano Banner Smaller

Available now on cydia.taskinoz.com.

HotAs – iWidget

A couple of days ago I posted a work in progress iWidget that displays the weather as:


AS ____

And you can change what you think its hot as.

E.g “It’s hot as hell”, “It’s hot as balls”, “It’s hot as shit”.


The last thing I have to do is write the options.plist file and merge the two versions I have. One from dropbox and the other from my phone.

Check out the Reddit post

LS Barebones and exponen+ 2 Updates

LS Barebones and its Tiny Mod counterpart have been updated to include more languages.

The current languages are:

  • [en] English
  • [pg] Portuguese
  • [ge] German
  • [fr] French
  • [sp] Spanish
  • [ru] Russian
  • [fn] Finnish

The new update also adds an option to turn on and off the midnight formatting for 12 hour format. e.g. 00:15 instead of 12:15.

Along with LS Barebones, exponen+ 2 was updated to fix the date, which was showing a month behind.